Posted by: yankeegirlguy | May 30, 2007

Yankee Girl Vs. Guy – First Pitch

May 30, 2007 is rock bottom for our beloved Yankees.  There have been very few times since I became a Yankee fan in 1992, that things have been in a worse state.  Back then we had a bunch of no-names competing for jobs and Kevin Maas and Matt Nokes led our offensive attack.  Now we have a 200 Million Dollar team who is competing with the Devil Rays for last place, as the Red Sox keep on putting us further and further in the rear view mirror.

Anyways my name is Yankee Guy, and I am 24 year old die hard Yankee Fan.  I live in NYC and work in Finance.  I tend to think of baseball in an analytical sense and during At-Bats and late crucial situations percentages are what runs through my head. I take losses personally and always know how many outs the Yankees and their opponents have left. 

The name of my partner in crime on this site is Yankee Girl.  Although it sounds very arrogant, but until meeting Yankee Girl I never could imagine a bigger fan than myself.  Yankee Girl is 24 years old and lives in NYC as well.   Yankee Girl is a stunning woman who works for an elite PR agency.  She hates girls who wear pink hats, and is generally the loudest person in a given section at the game. Her clap has actually been measured by the Richter scale. She is Elle Woods and George Steinbrenner rolled into one, and she takes a more subjective approach to the game than I.

So from here on out we will debate, analyze and scrutinize everything that is the New York Yankees.

How we stand now: 21-29 Last Place AL East



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