Posted by: yankeegirlguy | June 2, 2007

The 5 Worst Cheers at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Guy here-

Living in Manhattan means that I am able to attend basically as many Yankee games as I so desire. Since I choose to attend a multitude of games I have come quite accustomed to Yankee Stadium, and the little intricacies that make up the game day experience. One of these things is the repetitive nature of the sound system in the stadium. AKA I have heard the same songs and cheers there for the last 10 fucking years. Here are my least favorite…..

Honorable Mention- “Charge!”

Yankee Girl’s favorite cheer. Makes absolutely no sense in the context of a baseball game and should only be used as a way to induce a batter to charge the mound.

5) Cotton Eyed Joe-

1995 meet Yankee Stadium. Yankee Stadium meet 1995. Now I know this tune is a little snappy and gets people out of their seats, but this is New York City, not a ho-down in a barn in South Alabama. I seriously remember this song coming out in like 7th grade, so basically the Sound Quality guys have been riding this song into the ground since I was doing Science Fair Projects.


Oh nice another song that is brand new. I’m sure the ground crew loves performing their little dance that they have done every home game since 1996. I have always wondered which ground crew members have to participate in the little dance. Is it a badge of honor to do it? Do the youngest guys have to do it? Do they rotate among the different crew members? These are the things Yankee Guy thinks of during this terrible start to the season.

3) Kate Smith’s rendition of the “God Bless America”

I think when the Yankees had a choice of picking what rendition of “God Bless America” to use; they lined up all the CD’s from best to worst. They then picked the one on the end to use for “God Bless America”. Unfortunately they screwed up and picked the one on the wrong end, and now we fans have to suffer through an eternity of Kate Smith. The Yankees always seem to use new and cutting edge songs huh? Oh wait; Kate Smith has been dead for 20+ years.

2) Day-0

Killlllllll-me! This cheer is the weirdest one they have at the Stadium. Randomly a DAYYYY-O will blurt out from the sound system, and the crowd is expected to follow along. Basically the Yankees make me feel like I have the intelligence of a parrot when I hear this. I always imagined the “Day-O” cheer to be what happens when the sound guy falls asleep and just mistakenly touches the button for this sound.

1) Hip Hip Jorge!!

My ears bleed every time I hear this. So lets set the stage here. Jorge Posada starts walking to the plate. His intro song is played. Next some retard (usually sitting somewhere in my row) decides hey, Jorge sounds like “Hooray!”, even though all the Yankees phonetically pronounce Jorge as “George-ie”. So the cheerleader of this cheer starts getting other people in the section involved and then it spreads like a wildfire or in my opinion like an STD. Soon enough a large portion of the crowd is participating in this cheer that has absolutely nothing to do with baseball or the name of the player at bat. Yankee Girl has had to restrain me from throwing myself off the balcony during this cheer, and I have thrown up in my mouth on more than one occasion.

So that is it. Any other cheers you’d like to add?

Stat of the day- with the Yankees run differential to date being 277 to 249 the Yankees have an expected record of 29-23. Hopefully our luck and ability to win close games will change


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