Posted by: yankeegirlguy | June 3, 2007

And the “Worst Cheer” Award Goes To…

Okay, as a side-post, I’d like to weigh in on Yankee Guy’s little rant about the cheers at Yankee Stadium. First and foremost I would like to “CHARGE” Yankee-Guy with being a dirty liar- The “Charge” cheer is my least favorite. Here’s why the “Charge Cheer” gets my vote for worst cheer ever—


The “Charge Cheer” is a bullfight cheer…Baseball games and bullfights are not, by any means, interchangeable

  • No one does the YMCA while the grounds-crew comes in to take a torn-up matador out of the arena in a stretcher;
  • Although you may find a lot of bullshit in baseball, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an actual bull
  • Regardless of the frequency of the “Charge” Cheer, the last truly memorable charge ended with Don Zimmer getting tossed by Pedro Martinez

My vote for honorable mention? – I’ve gotta say the “Day-O” cheer… Last time I checked that cheer was for motivating people to pick more bananas. “Six foot! Seven foot! Eight foot! Bunch!”(Bunch of ridiculousness!) I’ll sit this one out thank you.


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