Posted by: yankeegirlguy | June 5, 2007

5 Most Irrational things I have done due to a Yankee loss

As I have previously stated I tend to take losses personally when the Yankees lose.  By taking this approach sometimes I have found myself doing some very foolish things as a result of frustration. Yesterday as I suffered though a listless 6-4 loss to the Chicago White Sox I thought back to some of the more idiotic and destructive things that I have done in a loss.  Nowadays punching my fist against a couch is as violent and stupid as it gets for me. Read in horror as you relive some of my most irrational decisions, as I was tormented by Yankee haters in high school and college.

Honorable Mention – October 15, 2003 – Game 6 ALCS vs.Boston Red Sox

After I got home from attending this game, I was terrified by the idea of the Red Sox going to the World Series.  At that time the thought of it made me want to throw up.  Therefore during the day I notified my dad that I didn’t want to go to Game 7, and I basically just sat in my room all day totally forgetting to eat and do anything productive.  My dad came home called me a lunatic and told me to clean up and get into the car. October 16, 2003 was one of the 3 greatest days of my life.

5) October 16, 1999 Game 3 ALCS vs. Boston Red Sox 

Clemens forgets to show up and so do I. Yanks lost this one bad 13-1.  I was supposed to pick up my foreign exchange student from a friends house and say goodbye to him and bring him to the airport as he was going back to Italy that day.  I refused to, and made my father drive him to the airport for me becuase I was so pissed at Clemens.  I gave poor Francesco the worst Irish good-bye ever.  Good thing he forgave me by the time I went to visit him in April.

4) October 5, 2002 – Game 4 ALDS vs. Anaheim Angels

The Yankees pitchers got bombed with an 8 Run 5th inning, so I got bombed right along with them. After watching this horror of an inning I immediately turned my TV off and hopped into a car with some buddies.  We ended up at some random frat party in which I proceeded to get drunk off some Natty Light.  I then apparently passed out in some bushes and then vomited in the afromentioned shrubs.  I remember about 6% of this. You stay classy Yankee Guy.


Made me destroy my liver.

3) October 18, 2004 – Game 5 ALCS vs. Boston Red Sox

Ortiz was smoking the Yankees for the second straight night.  Unable to handle all of the bandwagoning fans in our apartment, I decided to listen to the game on the radio in my car.  The Yankees are a combined 0-194 when I do this.  To calm myself down I went and bought a pack of cigarettes, smoking almost half of them.  Keep in mind I call cigarettes “Cancer Sticks,” and am a non smoker, PS.


This is actually true.

2) October 19, 2004 – Game 6 ALCS vs. Boston Red Sox

Schilling silenced are bats as I sat in silence.  Being that I graduated with honors from the #12 business school in the country (my school has been showing this stat off like a Guido shows off his new Ford Mustang) you’d think I would have spent more than a handful of times in the library.  Well one of the five times I entered Old Falvey Hall was during this game, as I was having a minor breakdown as my roommates were just killing me over the last two days over the terrible Yankee losses. After trying to study for 30 minutes and watching on gamecast for 3 innings I gave up and went home to watch the game with my bandwagonening roommates.  Freaking assholes.

1) November 4, 2001 – Game 7 of the World Series vs. The Purple and Teal Piece of Garbage Diamondbacks. 

Sorry some wounds never heal. Mo breaks his air of invincibility, Yankee Guy breaks things. On this night after Alfonso Soriano hit the miraculous home run off Curt Schilling to put the Yankees up 2-1, I decided to cue up the “We are the Champions” by Queen as I sat down to watch the end of our 27th World Championship. Mariano was coming in and I was about to break out the champange.

( A DEADLY karmic mistake, good thing Yankee Girl didn’t know me then, she would have shot me.  Just so you know I was beyond cocky back then and used to torment my roomate constantly  leaving  my Yankee Championship VHS tapes on for him all day)

 As Mariano threw the ball into centerfield while trying to start a double play, Tony “I batted .200 for the Yankees” Womack hit the double that tied the game and Luis Gonzalez hit the little bloop to end our dynasty, I totally lost it. Here is what transpired

1) I ran into my dorm room, yelled until my voice was hoarse and started punching and throwing things around my room. (Remember I hadn’t seen the Yankees not win the World Series since I was a freshman in high school)

2) Once I initially calmed down a girl knocked on my door, and came in to comfort me.  I dated this girl for the next 1.5 years. Oh btw, she hated baseball and sports in general.  Yankee Guy – Not so smart as an 18 year old.

3) I refused to read any sports section until the end of November.  I didn’t watch a repeat of the final blow until 6 months later.  Every time Sportscenter mentioned baseball I turned it off until around Christmas time when we started chasing after Jason Giambi.

 Well there is my list.  Doubt it changes much as this season is starting to make me numb to losing. 


I hate you Womack.



  1. Jeese…I hope you don’t kill yourself this summer, because it’s going to be along hot sumeer in last place!!

    My buddy Matt had this to say about the sad state of affairs…..well at least from your perspective!

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