Posted by: yankeegirlguy | June 5, 2007

Guest Pass – Welcome “Yankee Dad”

Yankee Guy here- 

Every now and then Girl and Guy will invite a guest fan to spout off on the Yankees.  May I introduce to you Yankee Dad who decided to chime in on a few Yanks Sox Games he has been to this year.  Yankee Dad lives in Boston and his rant starts off below.  he hasn’t been so lucky at Yankee-Red Sox game this year so far.

In lieu of adding to your depressing list, I thought I could contribute three games from the 2007 season that have caused me to break out in shingles…..

3. April 29, 2007 – Red Sox vs. Yankees at the Stadium

The 7-4 Sox win does not indicate the misery that I was exposed to.  It was a partly sunny spring day in the Bronx and the Yanks were gunning for the series win.  The match-up of Wang vs. Tavarez should have been an indication of what lied ahead.  Instead, Big Papi silenced all Yankees fans with his first inning upper deck shot.  While the ape was rounding the bases, a large sense of bewilderment came over me.  “How did all these Red Sox fans get into Yankee Stadium?”  I had sudden nightmares of them all singing “Sweet Caroline” in the middle of the 8th inning.  The game went on like the Yankees season has thus far.  Manny actually went 2 for 4, which lowered his .650 lifetime batting average against Wang.  That guy might be the best hitter of our generation.  Is there any pitcher in baseball, active or not, who OWN’s Manny?   

2. April 20, 2007 – Yankees vs. Red Sox at Fenway

Had I listened to my horoscope, I would have skipped going to this game and went to Home Depot.  Instead, I was determined to watch my squad beat up on Schilling in the first match-up of the season.  I was excited to see our old friend Andy Pettitte wearing the interlocking NY cap. It was just like old times, Andy was dominating.  Schilling, was not.  A-rod continued to add to his April Player of the Month resume with 2 bombs off “Curt in the car.”  With a 6-2 lead heading into the bottom of the 8th, it wasn’t just the $7.50 Fenway beers that were making me feel good.  After having to listen to 35,000 Red Sox fans (yes, there were at least 1,000 Yankee fans there and I was sitting next to 2 from
Newtown), sing Sweet Caroline, I actually had a moment of enjoyment because of the 6-2 lead.  Sure enough, defector Mike “I get paid $1.25M to get one player out” Myers fails to get Ortiz out and gives up a double on his second pitch.  Nice outing Mike, make sure you use plenty of ice.  In comes Vizcaino who promptly walks Manny (probably because he is hitting .850 off Luis).  He gets the most overpaid player in baseball, not nicknamed “the Giambino” to ground into a force out.  Mike Lowell starts his dominance of the Yankees with a single to left, scoring Papi.  Mr. Torre had seen enough and went against his word…in comes Mo, fresh off his 0-2 walk off homerun against the slugging Marco Scutaro.  Let the record state that I immediately disagreed with this call and told my friend Alex that Mo always gives up inherited runners.  Sure enough the rest is history and the Sox win 7-6.  Mr. Roboto Okijima shuts down the Yanks in the 9th and the environmentally safe, “green jersey” red sox beat our beloved Yankees.   

1. April 22, 2007 – Yankees vs. Red Sox at Fenway

It is hard to top the Friday night game in terms of my misery level, but we did walk on the moon, so anything is possible.  I liken this game to an old lesson I was taught long ago.  Because of the pressure, it would hurt more if a woman in high heels stepped on your foot than if an elephant stepped on your foot.   The Yankees jumped off to a three run lead, thanks to the Giambino’s two RBI hits against Dice-K.  Rookie pitcher Chase Wright was kind or/sort of holding his own.  I was just hoping he could make it through 5 innings of work.  Well, not all wishes are meant to come true.  I ran into Kate Beckinsale 2 years ago and secretly stuff my phone number in her purse.  Now, I’ll wait for her call, which I know will happen because of serendipity.   Mr. Wright started off the 3rd getting Youkilis and Papi to both fly out to right.  Manny, the best hitter of our generation, hit a mammoth Roy Hobbs blast out of Fenway.  Okay, it’s 3-1, let’s go Chase, get one more out.  Drew, Lowell, and Varitek (quite possibly the person I would kill if I had one shot to take – Steve Young is 1a.) all hit successive homeruns.  Yes, the woman in high heels stepped on my foot.  I am still tone def from the screaming Red Sox faithful.   The Yankees actually came back and were down 7-6 in the top of the 8th.  With the bases loaded and two outs, Josh Phelps (who personally f-ed up my buddy Matt DeSalvo’s start yesterday) came to the plate and hit a rope of the middle that Dustin Pedroia somehow caught.  Pedroia’s range is 1-step to either side.  As fate would have it, he was playing 1-step away from where Phelps hit his liner.  Inning over.   Thank you for your time.  Good times are around the bend.  The season series is back to respectable at 5-7.  Till next time…



  1. Okay… We Get It… Manny Ramirez can hit a freaking ball. Honestly though, is it quite necessary to keep calling him “The best hitter of our generation?” My eyes bleed each time I read that. In fact, I wouldn’t be suprised if Manny was paying you to write this post (we all know the man can barely spell his name, let alone write a blog). I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin. -Yankee Girl

  2. Wow, YankeeGirl, I wasn’t expecting you to turn on me. The man rakes. As sleepy/stupid as he may appear, the man can hit. I’ll take it all back if you can tell me who is a better hitter. Seriously, I mean seriously.

  3. You know what my favorite part about sunday’s game was? It was when all the Sox fans started chanting,”Where Is Roger?!” The Yanks really need to get out of that contract. They’re paying too much for a guy who’s not going to give them the big payoff they dream of.

  4. Red Sox fans have no class. They/you would chant something like that.

    I look forward to Clemens wearing an NY on his cap in Cooperstown.

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