Posted by: yankeegirlguy | June 5, 2007

The $200,000,000 Underdogs

As the Yankees hover beneath mere mediocrity, sharing last place with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, it’s all-to-easy to throw in the towel and call the season a lost cause. Expectations have plummeted since the Yankees were swept in their first series against the Red Sox; The Yank’s have had so many injuries that the players union has begun investigating Joe Torre for abuse. They’ve been riddled with scandals from steroids to strippers and they’ve suffered through slumps that made batting averages look like high-school test scores. Plenty of Yankee fans have given up, and plenty of non-Yankee fans have started celebrating early…. Which is why this season has the potential to be the most fun you’ve had as a fan since 1996.

The Yankees are now the underdogs. They’re the Little Giants, the Average Joe’s and The Lady Bugs all wrapped into one. In fact, they’re exactly like that Rachel Leigh Cook’s character (yes, Laney) in She’s All That (oh come on, you know you’ve seen it). They’ve clearly got it goin’ on, but they’re hiding it under bad moves, lack of confidence and ridiculous glasses (okay maybe the glasses are just Farnsworth). Every few games, though, you see glimpses of the smokin’ team you know they are. Hitting a 2-out home run to take the lead against the Red Sox in the 9th inning of the third game of a 1-1 series automatically crowns A-Rod the Prom Queen (If we’re still going with the She’s All That metaphor). The Yankees are suddenly poised to defy expectations- to let their hair down, put on a sexy dress and some mascara and show the world how freaking hot they really are – which has been nearly impossible for them to do in years past being that they’re expected to win the World Series every single season. So as Robinson Cano, Bobby Abreu, Melky Cabrera and Hideki Matsui begin to get their mojo back, thoughts of a comeback can’t be squelched in the minds of real Yankee fans.

To make the playoffs, or meet Boston in the ALCS would be the biggest comeback in MLB history! Nothing’s more fun than an upset victory and with all the Bombers have been through this season, every win feels like just that. That’s why I’ll be rooting for the underdogs this year, even if they happen to be the $200,000,000 underdogs.Cheers!-YankeeGirl


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