Posted by: yankeegirlguy | June 11, 2007


Here are some random thoughts I had after this weekend’s series sweep: 

  • Almost every time I go to Yankee Stadium the following exchange occurs:

Yankee Fan: (Fan gives me a funny look) “Hey did anyone ever tell you that you look exactly like Andy Pettitte?”

Yankee Guy:  (Thinking to myself “Yes everyone who I have ever known has told me that since 1996”) “Yeah I get that a lot, thanks.”

I take it as a total compliment every time

  • The Yankees are now 9-4 when I am in attendance.  Pretty hot statistical trend.  I think some fans should start paying for my ticket to attend games, for luck purposes obviously.
  • A-Rod is a god.  I guess now that the wifey is around again all the time he can’t go out as much, therefore he releases his tension by hitting the crap out of the ball.  That is my analysis of his June performance thus far.
  • The Yankees graphic of a “Rocket” that they fly over Roger Clemens on the main board in the outfield was made in 1999 by a 19 year old intern.  No one can convince me otherwise.
  • I still really, really hate the Diamondbacks.  I hope we crush them this week.  Like 15-1 every game.

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