Posted by: yankeegirlguy | June 12, 2007


“What are we at the park for except to win?  I’d trip my mother.  I’d help her up, brush her off, tell her I’m sorry.  But mother don’t make it to third.”  ~Leo Durocher 

Winning… I had almost forgotten what it feels like.  If you’re a Yankee fan, winning doesn’t count if it’s one game out of a three game series.  Winning is a sweep, or seven in a row, 10 of 12.  Winning a real, true Yankee win, feels like drinking a pomegranate crack margarita…. Actually, it’s better than that.  It feels something like how I imagine it feels to be held down and tickled by George Clooney (by Jessica Biel if you’re a guy).  It makes you delirious and giddy and giggly.  You wish everyone you ever knew could see you now.  You’re quite convinced that everyone secretly wishes they were in your place and you can’t wait to tell everyone you know how much fun it is… Especially your friend who happens to be a Red Sox fan (you’re only her friend when you’re winning).   

I love baseball.  I love every single Yankee game, win or lose, but only because for nine innings I’m convinced the Yankees will win.  If they don’t, I experience a mini-apocalypse.  I feel like someone has reached down my throat into my intestines, pulled out my liver and asphyxiated me with it. It’s not fun.  The next day, however, I do it all over- because winning will make it all better.   

The Yankees are playing the Diamondbacks right now… It’s the ninth inning, Mariano Rivera is pitching,the Yankees are up 4-1, there are two outs.  I have to go, I think I hear George Clooney coming!

“Look out for the tickle monster!!!”

“Look Out for the Tickle-Monster!!!”

Yankee Girl



  1. Wow, Yankee Girl is still alive… Yankee Guy has been carrying you for awhile.

  2. Touche! I suppose I’ve been busy watching A-Rod struggle to win your favor as the “greatest hitter of our generation.” He’s really broken up about the fact that you love Manny more than him!

  3. Perhaps we can go to Iowa together when A-rod makes his next trip there and I can personally apologize to him.

  4. If strippers from Iowa are what it takes to get A-Rod playing like he does, I’ll personally go to Iowa and hand-pick a harem of corn-fed strippers to supply for each member of the Yankees. I’d be thrilled if you would join me.

  5. Hey Girl-

    Where can I get a hold of this infamous Pomegranate Crack Margarita. It sounds delish.

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