Posted by: yankeegirlguy | July 5, 2007

I Love Scotty

I know this is old news but I was at an Indian Wedding all weekend and really didn’t have much access to the news in Yankee Land. When I got back to my apartment around 7PM on Sunday night I heard the funniest news in a long time, our boy (Yankee Girl and I) had burned all of his equipment in an effigy to try to jump start him and the team.

While the reaction to this news was generally to make fun of Scotty P, I for one LOVED the idea and applauded his decision. Every team needs their quirky character and I for one was happy Scotty decided to fill this role after last weeks debacle, and the general malaise this team has been going through. At least someone cares and someone feels th need to shake it up a bit.

Since we talk a great deal about Scott Proctor on this site I figured I would provide a little insight into our adoration of the most overworked middle reliever in the major leagues. Our obsession with such a low profile player starts in spring training 2006, right around the same time I met Yankee Girl.

After Yankee Girl and I first met, randomly at a sports bar in the Upper East Side, I instant messaged her to ask her what she was doing. She responded ” I am watching the end of a Yankees spring training game to check out Proctor’s arm.” Now being that I am always in tune with the team, and barely knew who this reliever was, I was more than impressed with Yankee Girl and began to follow Scott’s progress myself. Since he had a breakout year in 2006, we both followed him from relative obscurity to his role as the Yankees most reliable bullpen arm. Therefore since we were on the bandwagon from Day 1 we are his biggest fans. (Also Yankee Girl thinks he’s cute as well) It is fun being fans of a small name guy because you feel like you are part of a little club that no one else understands. He’s going through a little rough patch right now, but he remains the most consistent guy we have in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings, and I always want him in there in a big spot.

“If there is any marital trouble, gimme a call Scotty!” – Yankee Girl

Anyways the after another loss (this time to the Twins on the Fourth of July) I have another way to describe this season. Yankee Girl loves when I describe the Yankees in terms of a relationship so here goes another one….

This point in the season the Yankees are acting like a relationship that you know is probably going bad and headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes in this situation it would be the best to just cut the chord and let them go, but you are holding on to a 10% chance that it might work out in the end. You hope that your girl stops doing too much blow and preforming stripteases in front of your friends.

Now since the Yankees are a sports team and not a girl you obviously cannot let them go. But it has the look and feel of something that is going wrong, and there is almost no way to salvage it. I hate to be a “Debbie Downer” but my optimism is starting to fade as I don’t see “it” or the fire in this team that almost every other squad had.

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Here’s your gratutitous coked out Lohan pic. Courtesy of Yankee guy


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