Posted by: yankeegirlguy | July 18, 2007

The Pursuit of Happiness

A rant by your’s truly, Yankee Guy:

During the 10th inning of yesterday’s come from behind, extra inning 3-2 win versus the Blue Jays I scared the shit out of my neighbors. After Matsui hooked a potential game-winning Home Run about six inches foul, I yelled and slammed my hand against the table. Ten seconds later there was a knock. Yankee Kid opened the door and my neighbor (and ex-girlfriend) asked:

“Is everything okay, it sounded like someone just broke their leg in here.”

Not paying attention to her, I cursed as Matsui struck out.

Yankee Kid replied for me “Yeah everything is okay, I think it is an important part of the game or something.”

She finally left and Robbie Cano got the game winning hit about 5 minutes later.

Why do I bring this up you may ask? Well not just to show you what a crazy person I am (which you already know). I bring this up to show that I am in the minority. I have NOT given up on this year. I do not care about the Opt-out clause in A-Rod contract. That is an issue I will be worried about in November when my New York Giants are floundering along at 4-5. What I am currently concerned with is as follows:

The game tomorrow at 7:05PM.
And then Thursday at 1:05 PM.
And then Friday at 7:05PM.

Until the Yankees are mathematically eliminated, I refuse to believe there will be no October baseball in the Bronx. I see something coming around in this team, and a tired of the retards in Bristol, CT saying this team is finished. By the way, Bristol sucks and so do you. Enjoy working in lower-middle class Connecticut.

I really don’t care how big the deficit is now or the record the Yanks have to pull off to catch the Red Sox or win the Wild Card. Without faith in this team I mind as well put on a pink hat and cheer for the Yankees to score more points than the other team. I’d be a fan who started following the team after 1998, a fan who doesn’t remember the days of Scott Kamenicki, Alvaro Espinosa and Mel Hall.

In baseball you make your own luck. I see this team starting to do that. It’s been a rough 91 games so far. We have a run differential of +77, which should translate to a 54-37 record. It has not, but I truly see the turnaround coming.

During the All-Star Break I predicted the Yankees had to go 20-9 in thier first 29 games after the break to get back in the hunt and be relevant. 5-1 has been a great start.

Yankee Girl has a wonderful and simple phrase which I love: “The best thing in life is winning.”

I’d like to add to it: “The best thing in life is the pursuit of winning, especially when you are turning some heads in the process.”

47-44. Soon to be 95-67.

A picture from an above-average victory

(P.S.- I watched the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” last night. The reason for the post and the title )


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