Posted by: yankeegirlguy | July 25, 2007

My Favorite Game(s)

Sorry for the incosistant updating.  Searching for an apartment in Manhattan is quite possibly the worst experience you can have in life. Anyways…..

So the game on Sunday: 21-4.  21 Freaking runs! Yankee girl and I attended the Yankees drubbing of the D-Rays, and it was one of those games I love as a fan.  Now you may think this is wierd as the games most people love and remember are back and forth contests where the outcome is in doubt until the final innings.  Not me.  Give me a 10-0, a 12-3, 8-1 Yankee win anyday, and I will ride the Subway home a happy guy. 

Now a couple  of notes:

Once the Yankees decided to pile it on, I piled on some drinks.  Probably the 3rd most drunk I have ever been at a game, and it wasn’t due to frustration 🙂

This game combined with the Saturday night game were the first time in 50+ years that a team has scored 17+ runs in consecutive games at home.  Completely ridiculous.

Shelly Duncan’s first name is Dave, like his dad.  I truly has no idea. Thank you Yankee Girl.

At the game on Sunday Yankee Girl and I saw a couple who may have had an age difference of 15+ years, with the girl being in the vicinity of 35 and the guy around 20.  Yankee Girl originally thought it was a mom and son combo.  When they staryed making out, the look on her face was priceless.

Derek Jeter hits .409 with Runners in Scoring Position and hits .476 with Runners in Scoring Position with 2 Outs.  Freaking unbelievable.

My password on my computer at work is now loseboston$.  I thought it was quite appropriate. 

Just so you know Yankee Girl won our Mid-Season Bets 4 to 3.  She hasn’t determined what her reward is for winning yet and time is running out! 

He smells good too!



  1. Did Yankee Girl break both her arms and can’t contribute to the blog?

    She’s probably following around Manny Ramirez and trying to catch his 500th homerun.

  2. Actually Yankee Girl got in a fight with someone who kept calling ManRam “the Greatest Hitter of Our Generation” and broke both of HIS arms. She’s now out of jail and ready to begin posting again. Thank you for your concern 🙂

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