Posted by: yankeegirlguy | August 10, 2007


Yankee Guy Here-

Sorry for the delay in writing a new post, between finally getting a great apartment to live in and moving out of previous one it has been a stressful week, which is in direct opposite with the temperament of our beloved Yankees. So therefore you get a ramblings blog.

While this season has been the most tumultuous one I could remember this recent stretch makes you feel greedy being a Yankees fan, as no other team in baseball could get this hot for this long. Granted we have been playing the Baltimore Bay Royals for the past 3 weeks but a win is a win is a win.

At the time I am writing this, it I astonishing to e that the Yankees and Mets have almost identical records, since they have accomplished them in the exact opposite way, with our season being like a rollercoaster at Six Flags and theirs being the most bland season of all time.

Derek Jeter is truly amazing. You know that already. But a .477 average with runners in scoring position with 2 outs is absolutely unreal. Also his clutch “herpes giving” is unmatched as well.

Thanks for the herps.

I didn’t even see Barry Bonds hit his 756th homer. To be honest I didn’t even care. We are going to have to do this all over again in 2014 anyways. I guess I’ll appreciate history more when I’m 31 and married. I guess by then I’ll be mature or something.

I think Robinson Cano should get injured, go on vacation, or elope with Yankee Girl in April through the All Star Break through the rest of his career. His splits post All-Star Break in 2006=.365/.380/.635 This year= .419/.479/.743 One word, WOW.

Both Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera live in Ft. Lee, NJ with their mothers. I find that hilarious.

I think I can speak for both Yankee Girl and I – What the hell was the thought behind the Proctor deal? Everyone knows Joe has burnt him out, and all he needed was a little rest to get back to his typical form. The Dodgers got a great deal, and I will continue to follow him in LA. So far a 1.17 ERA over there. Not too shabby.

Miss ya buddy.

Since May 29th this team has been a different animal. I really never thought team meetings carried a huge impact but that blowout in Toronto right before A-Rod’s “Ha!” incident was a pretty big turning point in this season. 42-22 since then and the best team in baseball.

Just so you all know my record at Yankee games this year is 12-4. Just to make sure this team is playoff bound I’ll try to attend as many games as possible in September.


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