Posted by: yankeegirlguy | August 22, 2007

On the express plane out of Cali…

Losing Sucks.  Falling yet another game behind the Red Sox is harrowing and miserable and gives me palpitations.  But I won’t count the Yank’s out yet!  The Red Sox are playing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (aka your mom’s book club turned softball team) while we battle the LA Angels (aka our kryptonite).  Of COURSE they’re winning and, sadly, of COURSE we’re losing!  We ALWAYS lose to the Angels!  If we can eek out one game of three, it’s a lot.  I’m not being bitter, there are no hard feelings, it’s just a fact of life!  As everyone’s heard a million times, they’re the only team in the history of Joe Torre’s Yankees to have a winning record against the Yankees:  They beat us when we were unbeatable.  They beat us when we suck.  They ALWAYS beat us!   

So let’s move on.  Let’s get the hell out of California first of all- it’s just bad news.  Let’s go to the land of dirty air and vacant factories…. ahhh Detroit.  We can beat the Tigers.  Sure they’re good, but we’re better!  Gary Sheffield can suck it- we won three of four last time and we’re about to do it again.  Which means we’ll be five games back when we play the red sox (they’ll so lose at least one to the white sox).  All we’ve gotta do is sweep the red sox and we’re golden!  After that, they’ll have folded and we’ll go on to win the division.  I predict that the Yankees take six of the next eight…. Who’s with me?



  1. I hope we win the next 6. That would get us to your magic number. Lets go Moose!

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