Posted by: yankeegirlguy | February 9, 2008

Giants are World Champions, Spring Training in T-Minus 5 Days

So the tedious off season finally comes to a close in 5 days. This off-season was actually 10 times more enjoyable than any one in the past, as the Giants provided me with one of the top 5 sports moments in my life. As the clock hit :00 in Glendale, I went freaking ballistic with the rest of New York, jumping around Yankee Girl’s apartment like a 6 year old. After I forced her to watch about an hour of post-game coverage I danced on home, and play “We are the Champions” on my computer, something I had cued up in the 9th innning on fateful night of November 4th, 2001. Finally!!!!!

Now we have had quite an absence here at YGVG, but for 2008 I am committed to daily updates of everything Yankees and baseball in general. On tap is a preview of the 2008 team, a Yankee Guy Versus Girl Trip down to Spring Training, and some season predictions from both Yankee Girl and I. Relax and enjoy our rants. Especially Yankee Girl after we have our first 3 game losing streak this year. That should be fun.

For now here is a fabulous picture. More tomorrow.


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