Posted by: yankeegirlguy | February 11, 2008

My New Red-Headed Stepchild

Introducing your and my Villanova Wildcats. Yankee guy roots for three teams with all his heart.  The New York Yankees, Newy York Giants and Villanova Wildcats.

Now forever The Yankees had been like the oldest child in a family, sucessful, smart efficient and made Yankee Guy proud.  Villanova had always been my “middle child”  plucky, fiesty and hardworking. The New York Giants had been my “youngest child”, yeah they may be lazy and do drugs, but you love them anyways and anything they do well you applaud.

Well this has changed.  I walk into my neighborhood gym at halftime.  Villanova is up by 1 point at halftime of a tightly contested contest with #8 ranked Georgetown.  So what do my little Wildcats do as I start on the stationary bike.  Oh yeah they decide to start off the second half by shooting 0-18.  0 for fucking 18!!! Yankee Girl is like 5’3 and a 100 LBS and she could hve done better than this in a college basketball game.  As I am writing this they are still only down 1 with 2:33 left, but I am not expecting much…..

Our season in a picture….oh yeah we lost by 2 after the ref called a phantom foul on us with 0.1 seconds left 80 feet from the hoop.  FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!

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