Posted by: yankeegirlguy | February 19, 2008

Jeter with the Strikeout

My favorite story from this week so far is from Page Six –

“Derek Jeter spent his last weekend of freedom before flying to Tampa for spring training just as we’d hoped he would: living it up in Hollywood, hitting up day spas — and hitting on movie stars. Mariah Carey‘s ex was seen Friday night at Villa, trying in vain to hit on Sienna Miller, an insider at the club tells

Sienna was with actor Scott Speedman and a few other people, and wanted nothing to do with the pin-striped playboy. “Derek was trying to flirt with Sienna Miller but she didn’t know who he was and could have cared less,” our spy reports. “Also, he asked that people not smoke cigarettes near him.”

Hmm… so our favorite major league ladies’ man struck out. Perhaps next time he should consult the scouting reports: Sienna has a serious boyfriend, Rhys Ifans, making her just a bit of a long shot. “

I wonder if ol’ Jeets is starting to feel his age a bit.  He’s not so young anymore.  Maybe he should stick with the random sluts so he doesn’t have to worry like a bad outcome like this.  I mean the guy can definetly still pull girls.  I just think he needs to temper the ego a little bit as he isn’t young anymore at the ripe age of 34.  i mean Sienna was only like 19 when he won his last World Series!

This interaction will undoubtedly cause a mixed reactions form Yankee Girl.  Her long time favorite Yankee hitting on one of her favorite movie stars.  In case you were all unaware Yankee Girl  isn’t a fan of “Shitsburgh”  either . 

Okay I’m out.


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