Posted by: yankeegirlguy | March 25, 2008

‘Nova Guy Versus No One

Ok so the Yankees season opener is only 6 days away and I know I haven’t really talked about them in a while, and there is just one reason for this. I have been completely absorbed by my Villanova Wildcats run to the Sweet 16.  For the next four days this will be my focus so sorry about that.  Since Yankee Girl hates college athletics, I am guessing she will stay out of the discussion this week.  In the meantime for her and the rest of you who don’t care about my alma mater I can recommend some good movies, reading, and porn for you to entertain yourself from now until then.  To start off this week of fun, here is a list of Courtesy of here are some things about Villanova coach, Jay Wright that you may not know:

1. Giorgio Armani wears Jay Wright suits.
2. Jay Wright doesn’t own a mirror. He can see it in your face that he looks good.
3. Jay Wright has a suit for every day of the year. When the year is over, he throws them away and buys new ones.
4. When Jay Wright was in prep school, all the students wore uniforms. Jay Wright was still voted best dressed.
5. A bum asked Jay Wright for some change, but he gave him one of his old sport jackets instead. Now that bum is known as Donald Trump.
6. It’s been predicted that if Jay Wright ever spilled anything on one of his suits, stains would be “in” for 200 years.
7. At least 12 photographers have been institutionalized from trying to find Jay Wright’s best side.
8. When Jay Wright showers, the soap gets cleaned.
9. Jay Wright has been voted People’s Sexiest Man Alive every year since he was five. He refuses to accept until the magazine bans St. Joe’s fans from subscribing.
10. The Hawk will never die… that is until Jay Wright wants him to.
11. Four years ago Jay Wright decided an NCAA championship ring would go well with his suit. The rest is history.
12. Villanova games don’t have to be in High Definition, Jay Wright makes the TV look better.
13. When Brad Pitt looks at a mirror he says, “Damn I almost look as good as Jay Wright’s shadow.”
14. Jason Fraser had to learn how to block shots by himself because Jay Wright doesn’t know the meaning of the word rejection.
15. Every year the alumni association spends thousands of dollars to buy Jay Wright the best ties they can find. Jay uses them as his “work out ties.”
16. The term birthday suit was invented when Jay Wright was born wearing a tuxedo.
BTW: Jay Wright is a multiple winner of GQ’s Fashionable Four, an award given to the best dressed coach in college basketball.

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