Posted by: yankeegirlguy | March 26, 2008

Undersized, Underestimated, Overlooked

The proceeding are the three adjectives which I would use to describe how the pundits feel about Villanova’s chances versus Kansas. I absolutely love it. Since I have been a fan of Villanova anytime we were in these situation, we have responded with fire, and have scratched our way to a win. Historically as a team, Villanova embraces this underdog role, and thrives in situations where where we are counted out 1985, 1988, 2005, are all examples of times where we exceeded expectations (Allen Ray did NOT travel vs. UNC, I was there), and Villanova holds the all time tournament record of beating a better seeded opponent 13 times.

The new era of basketball excellence started versus Kansas on January 22, 2005.  As a senior I drove down to the Wachovia Center in a snowstorm to see my Wildcats, teetering on the brink of relevancy, as they faced #2 and undefeated Kansas.  Ignited by Kyle Lowry’s ejection after punching a Kansas player, and fueled by  a barrage of 3-pointers we destroyed Kansas 83-62, and it wasn’t even that close.  In that game I thought we had 5% chance.  In this upcoming one we are less talented, but are much more hot coming in and have jelled as a team.  I have confidence our team will rise to the challenge as they did in January 2005 (and as I did driving home from that game) and actually expect us to win.

There is no way that Jay Wright is sitting in his office (In his 10K suit) satisfied. He has improved as a game coach dramatically over the past two years, and his adjustments at halftime this year have been phenomenal.  Our comebacks this year versus Clemson, Syracuse, and LSU all speak to his improvement. We will have a plan and play to win.

The newspapers headlines on April 1st, 1985 read “Villanova Vs. A God.” Kansas is no god. They are beatable, and I know that regardless the outcome will play “Villanova Basketball.” I’ll explain this term later today.  I don’t bet on Villanova (or the Yankees) eve, but if I did, I’d bet the house on us +11.5.  That line is a joke.

Yankee Girl fell asleep reading this so shhhhhhhhhhhh.


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