Posted by: yankeegirlguy | May 19, 2008

Open apology to my fellow fans

So yeah, it has been almost two months since my last post, which is pretty damn lame.  Our beloved team is hopelessly mediocre, but not a word form Yankee Guy or Girl for the first 25% of the season.   So far it has been an injury plagued year and one whichwe haven’t found an offensive flow.  I think we have scored 12 runs in like the last week and each loss has been more frustrating than the last.  For some reason I haven’t been able to muster up the anger this year to vent.  I think this is due to one of three things

1) The Giants Super Bowl Run spoiled me.  The Giants Super Bowl run In January and Febuary has made me soft.  Watching them march through the playoffs made me less intense as I finally had a championship for the first time in 7 years (2000 Yankees).  Capped off with the thrilling Super Bowl win (more on this in a minute) I have lost a beat in my fandom.

2) I am getting lame.  Starting with Super Bowl XXLI I have seen myself get lame.  For example I watched the most thrilling game in my life with Yankee Girl and her best friend….. as they were drinking wine, eating sushi and discussing their  sexual conquests.  So yeah I watched the greatest game of my life from a scene of “Sex and the City.” Wow. Now if I was Yankee guy circa 2002 or so I would have been at a bar screaming my head off, covered with beer head to toe, almost puking and hugging everyone in sight.  Oh yeah and then he would go punch 2008 Yankee Guy in the mouth. In fact I currently want to slap myself because of this.

3) I have become desensitized to our terrible starts.  Going back to my college years the Yankees have been notoriously slow starters.  In 2005 and last year they were especially bad and I it almost seems like a normal occurrence to have to make a run from June on to make the playoffs.  This is disconcerting because it is something you really can’t expect every year . 

Now because the deficit isn’t too big and because I have confidence in our players coming back from injury I feel the team will come together and jell this summer.  The team’s schedule is very favorable in June and July (July the Yankees leave NYC for all of 3 days)  and the PECOTA odds are still in our favor.

With all of this though I have one thought that mirrors that of Yankee Girl (I am sure):  “I am tired of the excuses, let win some F-ing games, enough with the bullshit!!”

Current record 20-24, Last Place



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