Posted by: yankeegirlguy | May 20, 2008


Honestly ESPN pisses me off.  They really should just start calling themselves Boston Sports and Entertainment Network.  So last night Jon Lester threw a no-hitter for the Red Sox.  Awesome for them.  Good story overall as the guy has battled back from having cancer and has an ERA+ of 126 this year. Well guess what, according to BSPN’s coverage Jon Lester appaerntly cured cancer and saved 10 babies from burning buildings while facing the daunting Royals lineup last night. Like I get it it’s a nice little story, but come on weve seen a no hitter before.

I was at Doc Goodens no hitter in 1996.  It is very exciting, and a great moment, (especioally because in May 1996 we didn’t have our pink hat crew of fans yet) and I am sure it probably led off SportsCenter as well.  But last night we had Game 7 of the Spurs vs. Hornets and it took them literally 10 minutes to mention it after the start of the broadcast.  Thanks BSPN.  I didn’t want to know about playoff hoops anyways, I wanted to see a Mark Grudzielanek at bat.  Yep exactly.

As a kid who grew up in Connecticut I never remember EPSN being so biased.  Sure (and too my delightat the time) they always threw in some random Connecticut references, and made mention of the local high school scene, but on the professional level it was usually pretty level.  Now, since the 2004 Red Sox, all things Boston lead the show.  What pisses me off the most is that ESPN is in Bristol, right on the Yankee/Red Sox boarder for fandom in Connecticut.  Most of the personalities form the show live in Farifield or Westchester County too, clearly Yankee territiory.  Why the Boston bias? Here is a good map which ran in the New York Times. As you can see Brsitol is just over the border.  Thank god mom and dad chose the correct side of the line to live on.

Tracing the Border

A map indicating where the douchbags live in CT


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