Posted by: yankeegirlguy | May 28, 2008

Fuck Sports, Fuck Everything

Thank god the Giants, won the Super Bowl, I mean thank freaking god.  Tonight are nights where I hate sports.  I just spent 5 hours in Baltimore at Camden Yards.  5 hours completely wated on a heartbreaking Yankee loss.  Now I am hung over and angry, and don’t even want to turn on SportsCenter to risk seeing the shitshow that was tonight.  Nights like tonight make me want to be one of those dudes who “casually likes sports.”  I swear my life would be better without this rollercoaster.  Ugh I’m going to stop before I say something stupid.  But seriously if I see Latroy Hawkins in the Inner Harbor tonight, I cannot be responsible for my actions.  Oh yeah Jeter, i really wanna deck you in the face right now too.  Fuck everything. 


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